IETF 114 IETF wireless network performance

2022-07-25 13:11 | -- (permalink)

ietf wireless network

We are investigating reports and our monitoring is confirming that the ietf production network is some issues with wireless connections.

The NOC team is actively working on this issue.


Root Cause

  1. Devices were sticking to access points not roaming on the ietf network
  2. multicast Bonjour traffic from the clients on the Wireless Lan Controller (WLC) was flooding the air with broadcast traffic.


  1. We’ve tuned the “optimized roaming” feature that kicks out low signal clients so that they try to roam to a better AP more aggressivly.
  2. We’ve turned on “global Multicast Domain Name Service (mDNS) snooping” that enables IPv4 mDNS snooping and suppress multicast traffic. We had historically enabled mDNS snooping between SSID's but now have it per SSID. It’s only for IPv4 as our current controller doesn’t support IPv6 mDNS snooping.